Launch of the joint Amplexa-King’s multidisciplinary epilepsy genetics clinic


Kings Health Partners provides the largest clinical epilepsy service in the UK, serving 4 million people in the south of England. It is the hub of a regional epilepsy network where children and adults with complex, drug-resistant or undiagnosed epilepsies are evaluated by specialist epileptologists.

In 2015, Prof Deb Pal (King's College Hospital, part of King's College Health Partners) began a new epilepsy genetics clinic to review all children with suspected genetic epilepsies, from newborn to young adult. As member of the Amplexa Genetics Advisory Board for Epilepsy, he helped updated Amplexa's epilepsy gene panel and now offers a diagnostic and counselling service twice a month with Stephanie Oates, the country’s first specialist genetic counsellor for epilepsy.

Later this summer they will evaluate patient response and whether as predicted the new genetics is cutting down investigation costs and time to diagnosis. But so far, diagnostic yield is an impressive 32%.