Amplexa Genetics and CeGaTenter into collaborative partnership


CeGaT GmbH and Amplexa Genetics A/S are pleased toannounce they are entering into a collaborative partnership to provide a widerrange of clinical genetic testing services to increase the number of disorders that they can offer for testing to physicians and their patients.


The partnership will see both companies exchangingtheir expertise and knowledge as well as validated genetic tests for theirrespective patients. One of the main areas of the collaboration will involveNext Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies as well as the traditional methodof Sanger Sequencing to analyze patient’s genes to determine if they containmutations that are linked to particular diseases. The two companies willcomplement each other’s platform technologies and QC methods to ensure highquality and reproducible results that they are both well known for. Bothcompanies will also exchange knowledge and expertise in the area of bioinformaticsdata analysis to enable them to use state of the art algorithmic softwaremethods to pull out the mutations from the sequence data.

Together, both companies intend to establish a globalfootprint of expertise that will allow physicians and patients to find value,quality and genetic counseling for a large repertoire of genetic disease.



A genetic test is a test that can be performed using anumber of different technologies that enable the “reading” of regions of apatient’s DNA. Once an entire region or regions of DNA have been read, thesequence data needs to be analyzed using specialist software that is able topull out the mistakes or mutations within the DNA sequences.  Based on the mutations that are found, theexpert geneticists are able to interpret whether there is a clinicalsignificance of the mutation and there is a likelihood of developing aparticular disease.  Genetic counselingmust then be provided to a patient who has been diagnosed with a clinicallyrelevant mutation so that the patient is able to understand and grasp theimplications of such a genetic diagnosis. In some instances, this may lead tocertain treatment regimes or further genetic testing on family members toascertain the inheritance of the disease.  For more information please see the AmplexaGenetics or CeGaT website.




The CeGaT GmbH, Center for Genomicsand Transcriptomics was founded in 2009 and is a service provider forDNA and RNA sequencing of humans, animals, plants, and microorganisms. CeGaT isthe first company worldwide that was able to offer Diagnostic Panels formolecular testing.  CeGaT DiagnosticPanels enable to investigate all known genes which are disease relevantsimultaneously and hence the probability to confirm a diagnosis issignificantly higher. CeGaT uses the latest available technologies and appliesboth conventional Sanger-Sequencing and Next-Generation-Sequencing.  Depending on the particular project, CeGaTdeciphers DNA and RNA, genes, exomes, transcriptomes, or complete genomes.  If required, an interpretation of the resultsand complete bioinformatic analysis can be provided. Thus CeGaT GmbH is aservice provider for medical doctors, researchers, clinics, as well as privatepersons. CeGaT laboratory is accredited as a molecular human geneticdiagnostics laboratory according to DIN EN ISO 15189:2007 and is regularlyparticipating to external quality control assessments from the EMQN or Germansociety of human genetics.  CeGaT wasawarded “BestGerman Start-Up Company 2011”




Gerald Tomenendal,Head of Strategy & Salesat CeGaT stated: “CeGaT and Amplexa have signed a strategic collaborationagreement to promote complementary services in Germany and in Denmark. Thiscollaboration is in line with CeGaT’s strategy to expand this industry leadingplatform services worldwide. Amplexa is an ideal partner for us. Their highquality standard and services fit well with our current offerings and with ourbusiness philosophy – to provide premium diagnostic services to patients tofind the causative reason for the disease. We are very pleased to partner withAmplexa by sharing expertise and knowledge. This will lead to broader servicesin Western Europe and higher satisfaction among physicians and patients. We arelooking forward to work together and make this collaboration a successfulcollaboration.”




Amplexa Genetics A/S was founded in 2006 and is anexpert in efficient molecular genetic testing. The company consists ofexperienced researchers equipped with the latest technologies who provide theirexpertise to the genetic health care sector. Amplexa Genetics provides a wide range of traditional molecular genetictests using Sanger sequencing and also offers Next Generation Sequencing panelsto physicians and private patients together with a genetic counseling service whenrequired.  The service is reliable andcost effective with the highest standards of quality.  Amplexa Genetics is participating in theEuropean Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN) 2008 - 2012 qualityassessment schemes for mutation scanning and sequencing (External Quality Assessment- EQA).




Elisabetta Fineschi, Business Development Directorat Amplexa Genetics A/S commented “With the requirement for stringentlyregulated clinical genetics services and an ever increasing patient need,Amplexa and CeGaT have recognized that they have the know-how, reputation,quality and reproducibility to leverage their relationship to offer real valueand knowledge for their patients and their physicians.  This knowledge is relayed to the patients andphysicians by our genetic counselors and allows the patients and their familiesto make critical decisions that will impact on their lives.  With this in mind Amplexa acknowledges thatour work will always be expanding to include new genetic conditions which areneeded by the patients.  For this reason,we will strategically expand our partnerships and this collaboration with CeGaTis a big step in that direction.”