Amplexa Co-Organizes Focal Epilepsy Conference



The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers and clinicians working with focal epilepsies to present the latest knowledge in the genetic aetiology of focal epilepsy along with phenotypic and diagnostic aspects of the disorder. The target audience for the meeting is clinicians, epileptologists, neurologists and paediatrics interested in focal epilepsies.

The program will cover clinical aspects, geno-phenotype correlation, genetic aetiology and treatment options in relation to the known molecular mechanisms.

Two general overview lectures will be given. The aim of these is to give a basic overview of genetic and clinical aspects of focal epilepsies by prof. Ingo Helbig and an overview on clinical phenotype and genetics of brain-malformation in focal epilepsies by prof. Renzo Guerrini.

Surgery as treatment option will be covered and lessons from functional studies and models organisms will be presented. Novel results from one of the latest large scale research studies will be presented and finally the prospects of precision medicine in focal epilepsy will be highlighted.

The meeting agenda can be downloaded here.