focal epilepsy

Focal Epilepsy (FE) is part of our Childhood Epilepsy Panel NGS). Click here to access a complete list of the genes covered in this panel. 



Focal epilepsies comprehend those in which epileptic activity is generated and affects the brain partially. They are the most common type of seizure, appearing in persons 1 year or older. A wide variety of symptoms can be present, depending on the affected area and the typology of the seizure (simple or complex), for example by impairing consciousness or not, or through motor, psychic or sensory manifestations.


The epileptic activity responsible for focal seizures can also spread through the brain. In these cases, focal seizures act as a "warning" (aura) leading to generalized seizures, generally tonic-clonic (stiffness and jerking), clonic (repeated jerking), or atonic (lapse in muscle tone, leading the body to fall down).


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