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A: Yes we do. Danish costumers must use for secure email. Your IT-department can help you finding downloading our certificate as a vCard, or you can search for it here. For costumers not using NemID you can also use the aforementioned email address as it is operated through a secured connection.


Q: How can I find a test?


A: You can use the search tool in the Homepage and browse by gene or by disease.  



Alternatively, you can also find a test under the tab "Tests" and access detailed descriptions of all our available tests. 




If you still can't find what you are looking for, contact us and we will be glad to help you.



Q: When can I expect to get the results?


A: Amplexa Genetics is committed to delivering results as fast as possible, turn-around time is usually 5-6 weeks, but can in special circumstances be longer. If you already ordered a test, you can always contact our sales department and we will assist you with any queries.


Q: What kind of sample should I send?


Our preferred specimen is purified DNA or alternatively, peripheral blood.


Purified DNA sample submission can be accepted if using standard commercial purification protocols. A minimum amount of 3 µg is requested in order to perform a reliable test. Samples can be sent at either room temperature or frozen. Use of any other type of purification requires acceptance by Amplexa Genetics A/S.

For peripheral Blood samples, Amplexa Genetics A/S requests a minimum of 2-5 ml of EDTA stabilised (lavender tube) peripheral blood. Samples can be sent at either room temperature or frozen to be delivered Tuesday – Friday. Specimens can be refrigerated over weekend for Monday







    If have further questions or you need more information, Contact Us here.