Amplexa's panels in endocrinology are designed in collaboration with Prof Emeritus Leif Mosekilde, who is part of Amplexa's Advisory Board.


Amplexa currently offers the following targeted Next Generation Sequencing (tNGS) panels in endocrinology.

See all Amplexa's endocrinology tests (downloaded here).


Some diseases and conditions are described in more detail below.

Hyper-Parathyroidism (5-7 genes)

Hypo-Parathyroidism (4-8 genes)

Pseudohypo-Parathyroidism (1 gene; 2 phenotypes)

Osteogenesis Imperfecta (2 genes). This test is DS/EN ISO 15189:2013 accredited.


We can extract single genes from our panels or create virtual panels customized to your needs, by blinding ourselves to the genes you wish to leave out. This way, we adapt our analysis to your needs. Prices vary accordingly.


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