Amplexa Genetics A/S
Tolderlundsvej 3B, 2. 
DK-5000 Odense C,

Tel. +45 66 11 66 28 

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00-15:00

CVR nr. 29 42 84 41

Bank Details

Bank Name: Danske Bank
For payment in DKK:
Reg. nr.: 3596 Account nr.: 36003362237343
IBAN: DK1230003362237343
For payment in EURO:
Reg. nr.: 3596 Account nr.: 3600085980
IBAN: DK4030003600085980


Do not hesitate to contact us! Especially prior to your first order, a short talk may improve the outcome of your request. You can use the form below or write to


If you need more information about an existing order, contact us at, specifying your order number and we will assist you.

Encrypted e-mailing. Danish costumers can use for sending encrypted mails to us. Your IT-department can help you finding and downloading our encryption certificate as a vCard, or you can search for the encryption certificate here. The certificate needs to be installed in your Outlook client. For costumers not using NemID you can also use the aforementioned email address as it is operated through a secured connection.

Official Closing Days in 2018:

1. January (New Year)
29. March-2. April (Easter)
21. May (Whitsun)
24.-26. December (Christmas)
31. December (New Year Eve)

Other Closing Days in 2018:

27-28 December

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