About Amplexa Genetics

Amplexa Genetics is a front-runner. Founded in 2006, Amplexa Genetics is one of the oldest private clinical genetics laboratories in the world! Amplexa Genetics is close to celebrating 10th anniversary in a field only slightly older than a decade – we know what we are talking about!


Our Promise

Amplexa Genetics is committed to delivering:


     ✚ Fast turn-around-time – weeks rather than months.

     ✚ Competitive pricing.

     ✚ High quality analysis and clinical genetic reports.


Amplexa Genetics provides results in an easy-to read-report, which will help you help your patient.


Strong Scientific Foundation

In collaboration with distinguished scientific experts, Amplexa Genetics has developed and implemented more than 100 clinical genetic tests in the fields of neurology, endocrinology, cardiology and oncology. Tests offered cover high significance genes, i.e. genes where the published scientific literature corroborates the impact of the specified genes on disease liability.
     Skilled researchers totaling more than forty years of experience in genetics and genetic analysis supported by a strong network of experts, which provide ad-hoc assistance in interpretation of unique or difficult-to-interpret findings, are at your service.


Cutting Edge Technology

Amplexa Genetics uses state of the art targeted Next Generation Sequencing (tNGS) technology running disease panels in several disease areas; further to that Amplexa Genetics also operates standard capillary electrophoresis.


Social Responsibility

Dansk Flygtningehjælp Erhvervspartner 2017Amplexa sponsors the Danish Refugee Council, because we believe in helping others. Every day, millions of refugees are in desperate need of aid, and we wish to contribute to the worthy cause of helping them find food and shelter. The Danish Refugee Council works to create sustainable solutions to the very real problems that refugees face, and we wholeheartedly support this humanitarian endeavour.